Second year, Satyam Ghelani shoots a fashion inspired series for the Zine with Moving Image for the Editorial with Moving Image module.

For this project, I wanted to take a different approach and build my narrative around an individual garment itself. This zine is based around the prominent North Face ‘puffa’ jackets, in which they have become more than just a stylish winter coat, but now a fashion statement piece as well. 

For the fabrication of my zine, I wanted to create this stylised look for each individual jacket, to show the versatility of the jackets and how each colour can bring out different emotions and moods of the individual wearing them.

Each jacket has an outfit built around them which helps to compliment them within the unique locations. I used a mixture of studio and location settings to fully capture the versatility. 

Inspiration for this zine came from looking at Kanye West’s work for his Yeezy season’s look-books as well as other zines which capture the in-trend streetwear fashion such as Hypebeast.

The style of the images creating this strong narrative for the garments as well as how the zine’s themselves were designed, inspired me to create my own look-book for these jackets.

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