First year, Eden Watterson shoots the 80’s Perfume and Cosmetics brief for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module

When I started this module I was really excited to explore product photography as it was something I had not looked at much before. In the second week of the course I was inspired by the skincare brand The Ordinary and its sleek design for their packaging to create an image for the cosmetic brief.

On the shoot I used the screen of my laptop for a background, a sheet of glass and layered images of the bottles and images of the product itself to create the photograph. As I started to shoot work early on in the module I was able to get more feedback throughout. This helped me develop the work to the final images.

I was immediately drawn to this brief as I really enjoy experimenting with 1980’s fashion and I love 1980’s media. I enjoyed researching into magazines from the 1980’s to influence my work and this really helped when it came to positioning the text in the final image. When preparing for the shoot I went to charity shops to find clothing which would be suitable for the brief and found the blazer which the model is wearing in the image, I feel this worked really well.

I received a lot of feedback on this image throughout the module which really helped me to critique my work and create a final image which I am proud of and fell answers the brief well.

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