Editorial and Advertising Photography Course

First year Jimmy Fletcher produces a stand-out film for the Introduction to Moving Image Module

Words by Jimmy Fletcher

I grew up in a small town in Gloucestershire called Stonehouse, an industrial town which most people would not associate with wildlife. However, having spent most weekends as a child walking in the local woodlands and countryside with my dad and brother, I knew that there was an abundance of wildlife. You just needed to take your time and take in the natural world around you.

Having spent so much time around wildlife and enjoying the countryside, I grew an affinity for the natural world, which led to my passion for wildlife photography. So, for me, creating a wildlife film was the next logical step.

I created “Stroudwater” to showcase the natural world that can be found in the Stroudwater Canal in Stonehouse. I wanted to show the viewer (and myself) that wildlife can be found in some unlikely places and that even the most industrial or manmade settings can be home to so many wonderful creatures.

Check out my final film here and tell me what you think in the comments section below:

Moving image production is now a central aspect of the editorial and advertising industries and during this (first year) module, students expand their current practice, learning how to produce films, stop motion animations and Vlogs. This year, students were taught by BAFTA nominated Director Ben Mallaby, BAFTA nominated Producer Emma Jane Hughes and Technical Services Manager Matt Frederick

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