First year Kim Dung Dương Thị, dicusses her creative work and developing knowledge of product photography for the Personal Portfolio module.

My future career path is to become an advertising photographer. Therefore, in this module, I decided to choose product photography to do as an opportunity for me to build my own portfolio.

Thanks to this Module, I learned a lot of useful knowledge and essential product photography skills that an advertising photographer needs to know. In addition, during my research, I was also greatly inspired by various famous product photographers around the world such as Peter Lippmann, Ashraful Arefin and Karl Taylor.

Their product photos both meet the needs of client briefs and reflect their personal style. I want my photos to be like that, not only quality, attracting viewers but also creative and unique.

I don’t shoot a single type of product, but different products so I can experiment with different techniques and ideas.

The products that I chose are mainly food and beverages, simply because I find the prices of these products affordable, moreover, they often have beautiful packaging, which plays an important role in creating probs for the photos.

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