First year Sarah Henry shoots work for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module

Portrait Brief – ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

This body of work was produced for the portrait brief, intended to be shown in i-D magazine and inspired by enforced gender roles in modern day fashion and how they are commonly being broken. For this shoot, I photographed and interviewed a male friend who often wears typically feminine clothing and has no regard for the enforced gender roles in clothing that society has.

I named the series of images after The Cure song ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ as the song talks a lot about the implications of forcing gendered roles in society and the emasculation of men for showing emotion and I felt this fit well with the story I was trying to tell.

Clothing Brief – ‘Find Your Rebel’

This body of work was created for the clothing brand brief, intended to be in-store advertisements for Dr Martens. This shoot was inspired by the roots of Dr Martens history lying in the punk subculture, as well as being widely popular amongst other alternative subcultures later on. For the target audience shot I captured a simple portrait of my friend who I felt fit the original Dr Martens target audience when they gained popularity, with her sporting a shaved head and big eyeliner.

This set of images was largely inspired by Nick Knight and Gavin Watson’s simple yet effective documentary style shots of the punk subculture in its prime. I accompanied the images with the self-made copy line “Find Your Rebel” as I felt it related to the company’s rebellious roots.

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