2nd Year Kim Dung Duong Thi shoots work for the Editorial Photography with Moving Image module

I remember last year I enjoyed taking a photo of the farmer with his farm for my portrait brief a lot. Since then, I have really fallen in love with environmental portraits. Perhaps the background make me understand their whole story through photos easier, as well as giving viewers more emotions when looking at them. Therefore, I decided to continue developing this genre in this brief. The brief asked me to take portraits of entrepreneurs to promote their business, I chose to take portraits of them with their workplaces so that people could see the products and services that entrepreneurs offer. I photographed the owners of a bookstore, a liquor store and a grocery store with a cinematic style to create an impression and uniqueness that will help consumers remember them.

My module this year was interesting. That was making a zine! I haven’t done that before, so I found it was really a great, fun experience for me. Furthermore, zines are a great way to publish my own art, words, thoughts, as well as express myself.

Although, I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to show in the zine, the brief required us to make a zine that linked to our moving image which was more challenging for me.

Our moving image is a music commercial video, with a combination of two big brands, Pepsi and Tommy Hilfiger, the video is mainly to advertise products. Therefore, I chose the topic for my zine is all about Pepsi products, still life photography. With this topic, I think it is quite difficult to show products as a story. So, I mainly focused on the technique, presenting the zine in a creative and unique way. Dynamic, youthful style with three main colors red, blue and white like my moving image is also a necessity. In short, creativity and difference are the highlights of my zine book.


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