Olivia Hanham shoots work for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography Module.

Portrait brief – i-D Magazine

For this brief I photographed my boss, Phil, who is a big inspiration to me. As well as running a busy coffee shop, he DJs all over the country in his spare time and is massively into fashion and youth culture

I photographed Phil in his coffee shop wearing some of his favourite items of clothing and shot this on 120 film to capture the aesthetics of i-D magazine, which was my chosen magazine for this brief. I paired this photograph with a still life image of four of Phil’s favourite, most precious items to give an insight into who he is as a person and how diverse his interests are.

80s Perfume/Aftershave ad brief

For this brief I focussed my concept around the predominant sexualisation of women in 80 aftershave ads as this was a massive part of their advertising strategy. Looking back now, it was quite shocking to see the level of sexualisation and sexist comments used in these ads that were considered ‘normal’ at the time.

Therefore, I approached this brief with the intention of recreating such a sexist aftershave ad. I focussed a lot on the location of the shoot, the styling and the makeup & hair, and shot on 120 colour film to give more of an 80s feel. Finally, I added copy that represented the kind of messages that were being spread in 80s aftershave ads and used Ralph Lauren’s aftershave ‘Polo’ as the example.

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