Second Year Michal Urbansky shoots work for the Editorial Photography with Moving Image Module

Album Sleeve – For this brief, I wanted to choose an artist, who I really love, so I’ve chosen a Slovak rapper called Gleb and his first solo album Lavicka Pimpin’ (Bench Pimpin’). This is a storytelling album, where he describes growing up in a gritty environment and that’s what I wanted to show. I’ve found the right location in a small park where also teenagers used to hang around, and we were shooting in the evening. To create an even more gritty feel, I’ve used a long exposure and external flash. As soon as the flash fired and froze the model in the foreground, I tilted the camera from side to side to “blur” the background which wasn’t lit with the flash. I was also shooting from a low angle to emphasize the model.

For the back cover, I’ve decided to use a simple image from the stop motion, to make the album sleeve and the moving image work together even more. Here, I’ve put also the tracklist and used a similar layout as the original tracklist. Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the result, even though there are a few things I would improve next time.

Music Moving Image – Because Gleb’s music is so different and so unique, it took me quite a while to figure out what I want to do for this Moving Image. I wanted to make something very different and go out of my comfort zone. Then I discovered Gleb’s first music video, which was all shot in stop motion.

click here to see the Music Moving Image

It was all shot with the flash on camera as he was walking through the night streets, with some good cutaways to the lyrics. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. I’ve chosen the very unique song from the album with a very fast beat and synchronized the stop motion into the song. I’ve also used lots of cutaways, which might be however difficult to understand for non-Slovak people, but I believe that the whole Moving Image works really well with Gleb’s style.

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