First Year Molly Harmson shoots the series, ‘People by the Sea’ for the Personal Portfolio Module

For our last module brief of the year, we were asked to look at what style of photography we may consider as our specialization, and we were set the task of creating a body of images that showed our ability to edit and sequence work into a project, showing our strength and interests within photography. For my final project, I knew I wanted to choose portraiture as my specialization, deciding to focus on a street style, in which I had to approach people in order to get my photographs.

I chose to centre my ten, or more, images around the characters you find in a small, seaside town, and I have titled my project “People by the Sea”. This is personal to me, with the town being my home, and I hope it gives an insight into the type of personalities you can find, just walking along the seafront.

I used a mixture of medium format film and digital throughout my final selection and this project has really helped me develop my technical and communication skills. Capturing portraits of complete strangers was something I had not done before, but I really enjoyed speaking to lots interesting individuals and it is definitely something I will do again, and develop, in future projects.

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