Lucia Tarkanicova shoots work for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising photography module

1980’s, Clothing, Mac

1980’s Perfume/Aftershave Brief

For my 1980s aftershave brief, I was inspired by denim clothes advert, as a model I asked my partner. In fact, I took this photo in our living room using only daylight from the window. In my point of view it is clear, eye-catching photograph.

Clothing, Sport Brand In-store Advert Brief

I love sport and I am a sporty person myself, that’s why this brief was interesting for me. I asked my friend’s son, if he could be a model for this brief. This image was taken in the Pittville park on the court under the basketball hoop. This is how the idea of the Champion sport clothing photo was created.

MAC Brief – Client Project Module

This was our client’s brief. An idea was to do something new they don’t have yet by creating an image of their products in the action.

All their products were very interesting, but I chose Seramonic mountable shotgun microphone. Microphone is the second item on the essential list for online video creators. My manager at work created an online yoga video series during the lockdown. This inspired me to shoot this product with the fitness instructor.

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