Nikita Ihrig shoot work for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module

T-Mobile image:

After doing some research about previous T-Mobile Campaigns, and some walking around in Paris. I had found this lovely lady and her dog. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to capture something for this brief as it showed someone enjoying life. Plus, the dog looked super cute with their little sunglasses on! What inspired me for this photograph was the fact that they both seemed to be having fun

Portrait image:

For this brief we had to do two different images that had connected. The portrait photograph had been inspired by the i-D Magazine cover photographs that I had seen around. And the other part of this image was inspired by my friend as this is something that he loves doing. I took these photographs because the person included within the images is someone that is one of my closest and longest friends. And I quite like what he had said about why he likes going to the gym “When I leave, I feel a type of accomplishment that I wouldn’t anywhere else”.

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