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For the next of our series, we go for a cup of tea with one of the School of Education team from the University of Gloucestershire. Today we have a cuppa and natter with Rachel Eperjesi.

Hi, how are you? How do you like your tea?

I’m well, thanks. No sugar, fairly weak, with a decent splash of milk – the colour of a rich tea biscuit, please.

What is your role within the School of Education?

I’m the Academic Course Leader for the School Direct PGCE Primary course. I lecture mainly in English and Professional Studies, predominantly on the primary postgraduate teacher training courses, but also on the BEd undergraduate teacher training course from time to time.

What does your typical day involve?

I’m not sure there is any such thing as a typical day, which is one of the things I love the most about my job. I could be lecturing all day one day and the next day could be spent in schools, observing and supporting students undertaking teaching placements. As a course leader, a proportion of my time is spent on course-related administration, which is less exciting, but very necessary. Some days are spent marking student assignments or providing academic or pastoral support to students. Some time is also allocated to research and scholarly activity. Together with a colleague, I am currently editing a book that we are writing with other members of the Primary teacher education lecturing team, which is fantastic. My days are always busy, but with such variety.

Rachel Eperjesi

How long have you been working at the University of Gloucestershire and what attracted you to the role?

I have been here for just over ten years now. I am passionate about the importance of high-quality primary education for all children. I loved being a primary teacher and making a difference to the lives of thirty young children every day, but this role gives me the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of so many more, by training new teachers to provide primary education of the highest quality.

Would you like a biscuit? Custard cream?

Is it gluten-free? If so, then yes please! I love biscuits…and cake…and chocolate…

Yep, we have some gluten-free biscuits in the cupboard especially for you!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I love holidays with my children and husband. We are all usually so busy with work, school, the children’s extra-curricular activities and so on, that holidays are such an important time for us to all spend time together as a family, enjoying each other’s company and making memories. I also like to read (crime novels are my guilty pleasure) and enjoy watching films, but tend to fall asleep at the cinema, as it’s dark and the chairs are so comfortable.

What is the best thing about working in the School of Education?

Without a doubt, the people. Our students are fantastic, so dedicated and passionate, and my colleagues are incredible. We work really well as a team, with a shared sense of purpose, to provide the best possible preparation for a career in primary teaching. It is a privilege to be part of such a vibrant learning community.

Is that the time? Let’s go for dinner. Where do you recommend we go?

How about pasta somewhere? Nothing too fancy, just good quality, comfort food.

Sounds good to us. We’ll split the bill.

Rachel Eperjesi is the Academic Course Leader for the School Direct PGCE Primary course. She has co-authored the book Action Research for New Teachers.

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