Primary Science team attend the ASE annual conference

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Jude, Claire and Colin attended the ASE annual conference, held at Birmingham University, on 10th and 11th January.  Jude and  Colin presented a session together on promoting curiosity and Colin also presented a session looking at homework.

Our session on Thursday morning, titled ‘Promoting Curiosity’, invited delegates to engage with a few practical activities (including observing snails, of course) that might promote curiosity and natural, inquisitive dialogue. Jude shared our research into supporting student teachers’ practice in regulating their own use of questions to promote authentic responses from children.  The session was very well received, mostly because of the outstanding work by the snails.

Colin presented a session about his research related to the ever-contentious issue of homework, with particular emphasis on the nature of learning in science and how this might be translated into appropriate opportunities for exploration of scientific concepts within the home. In an act of blatant self-promotion, he drew delegates’ attention to a published resource book of ‘pencil-free’ homework and shared some insights from his research into the potential effectiveness of such an approach.  Feedback on the session was very positive.

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