School Direct Salaried Annual Conference

The annual School Direct Salaried Conference took place on Wednesday the 16th of January at Park Campus. The event was very well attended, and Rita Owen (Course Leader) was pleased to welcome almost all the cohort on the day.


With a dual focus on Assessment and Supporting EAL Learners, the day was designed to develop students’ understanding of key principles. The conference also afforded an opportunity for the group of school-based students to come together to share experiences and to reflect critically on practice. An additional aim was to inspire students to engage with research and I am sure it was successful in providing a catalyst for independent study and engagement with the forthcoming School Direct Salaried assignment.


Four speakers, from a range of differing professional contexts and backgrounds, provided input and rich stimulus for students’ learning. The content of sessions, research-focused as well as practice-based, provoked much reflection, critical debate and a pleasing exchange of ideas and experience.


Feedback and evaluations were extremely positive, and I was impressed with the very professional way in which students engaged with speakers, and with the insightful comments and questions that were shared.


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