Shared Parental Responsibility for Children’s Education

On 8th and 9th March 2019, Dr Alex Masardo was an invited speaker at the 8th International Conference on Equal Parenting in 21st Century, which explored the theme of Parentalidades cuidadoras or Caring Parenthood.

The invitation comes on the back of Alex’s recent publication with Australian colleagues Professor Bruce Smyth and Liz Keogh (2018), ‘Law Reform for Shared-Time Parenting after Separation – Reflections from Australia’, Singapore Academy of Law Journal, vol. 30: 518-544

Journalist Daniel Oliveira fires questions to the panel that includes: Alex Masardo (School of Education, University of Gloucestershire), Jorge Duarte Pinheiro (Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon), Vanessa Cunha (Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon) and Vittorio Vezzetti (Paediatrician and President of Colibri European Platform).

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