Jude Penny and Colin Forster attend the Primary Science Education Conference

Jude and Colin thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Primary Science Education Conference in Edinburgh, 6 – 8 June.  Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Professor Laura Shultz and Kate Bellingham made keynote addresses and there was a good range of high-quality seminars and workshops to attend each day, along with valuable networking events.

Jude and Colin were also delighted to present on their recent research about the limitations associated with teacher questioning and the power of action research as a model for teacher development.  As ever, some snails made an appearance, along with some other practical activities to promote authentic curiosity.  The interactive session was well received by delegates, many of whom tweeted their appreciation.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet with primary science colleagues from all parts of the UK and across the world.  It is an event held every three years and Jude and Colin are already looking forward to the next one, which may be held in either Cardiff or Bristol (which would be a bit more convenient).

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