Education Research/Publications 2020/21

Books & Special Issues

  • Reconsidering Resilience in Education, An Exploration using the Dynamic Interactive Model of Resilience, Editors: Adeela Ahmed Shafi, Tristan Middleton, Richard Millican, Sian Templeton
  • SENCO Inducation Pack, Supporting you at the start of your journey
  • Using an Inclusive Approach to Reduce School Exclusion: A Practitioner’s Handbook, Book by Lynda Kay and Tristan Middleton
  • The World We’ll Leave Behind: Grasping the Sustainability Challenge, Book by Paul Vare and William Scott
  • Learning, Environment and Sustainable Development: A History of Ideas, Book by Paul Vare and William Scott
  • Supporting the wellbeing of those who nurture
  • Understanding Inclusion
  • International Journal of Educational Development
  • Children’s Education in Secure Custodial Settings: Towards a Global Understanding of Effective Policy and Practice , Edited by amed Shafi A, Case S, Little R


  • Green Schools Globally: Stories of Impact on Education for Sustainable Development, Lee, E., Vare, P. & Finlayson, A. (2020) The Ebb and Flow of Environmental and Sustainability Education in UK Schools
  • Leading on Inclusion: The Role of the SENCO, Kay, L. and Middleton, T. (2021) ‘Inclusion and school exclusion – Key Issues for SENCOs in England.’
  • Discourses We Live By: Narratives of Educational and Social Endeavour, Middleton, T. (2020) Nurture Groups: Perspectives from Teaching Assistants Who Lead Them in Britain.
  • Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education, Zachariou A., Beltran C.K., Vare P., Millican R. (2019) Professional Development and Sustainability.

Research Papers

  • Gajparia J, Strachan G, Vare P & Ferguson T (2021) Identifying Assessment Opportunities in Postgraduate Learning for Sustainability in Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education, 12:1, 151-175.
  • ahmed Shafi, Little and Case (2021) Children’s education in secure custodial settings: Towards a global understanding of effective policy and practice, International Journal of Educational Development, Volume 82, 102- 379.
  • Dimery, E. and Templeton, S., (2021) Death, bereavement and grief: the role of the teacher in supporting a child experiencing the death of a parent. PRACTICE, pp.1-20.
  • Middleton, T. (2021) ‘Nurture in Secondary Schools – what recognition in OFSTED reports?’ International Journal of Nurture in Education, 7.
  • Middleton, T. and Kay, L. (2021) ‘Unchartered Territory and Extraordinary Times……the SENCO’s experiences of leading SEN during a pandemic in England.’ British Journal of Special Education. DOI: 10.1111/1467-8578.12359
  • Vare P (2021) Exploring the Impacts of Student‐Led Sustainability Projects with Secondary School Students and Teachers. Sustainability, 13, 2790.
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  • Kay, L. (2020) ‘Pivoting the seesaw? Negotiating the tensions of balancing ethical and methodological considerations in designing research that involves children and young people’, PRACTICE Contemporary Issues in Practitioner Education, DOI:10.1080/25783858.2020.1732632
  • Middleton, T., ahmed Shafi, A., Millican, R. & Templeton, S. (2020) Developing Effective Assessment Feedback: academic buoyancy and the relational dimensions of feedback. Teaching in Higher Education: Critical Perspectives. Online at:
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