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World War One at St Paul’s College in Cheltenham

World War One had a destabilising effect on St Paul’s College (now Francis Close Hall campus). We explore some photos from the University’s archive to gain an insight into life as a student between 1914 and 1918 in Cheltenham.


World War Two at St Paul’s College in Cheltenham

World War Two caused disruption to daily life at St Paul’s and St Mary’s colleges. We have been given access to the University’s archive which allow us to look at some rarely seen photos of the time.


Francis Close Hall (St Paul’s) dorms

Did you know that there were once dormitories on Francis Close Hall campus? We have dug into the University of Gloucestershire archives to bring you a snapshot of student living over the years.

Anyone for tennis at Francis Close Hall?

Tennis once played a big part of life on campus at Francis Close Hall.

The FCH IT suite (TC114)

The IT suite at Francis Close Hall campus originally had a very different use to today.


RAG week

RAG week has a long history of raising money for local charities (as well as causing a bit of mayhem along the way).

The Crit Room at FCH

The main lecture hall at Francis Close Hall campus looked a lot different 100 years ago.