Education Staff Profiles

University of Gloucestershire staff

Ben Screech

Before joining the University of Gloucestershire, I taught in various primary schools in my home city of Bristol. I have also been an SEND teacher, and a youth worker for a south-west based charity promoting community inclusion for young people with disabilities. In addition to my current teaching role at UoG, I am also in the process of completing my PhD which focuses on representations of marginalised young people in contemporary children’s and YA literature.

Cathy Burch University of Gloucestershire

Cathy Burch

I taught English as a Foreign Language both in France and Spain after graduating. When I returned to the U.K., I enjoyed a successful career in international market research, but still kept studying Spanish, French and European Business to Master’s level. I worked as a primary school teacher and languages co-ordinator before I joined the Primary Education Team in January 2014.

Chris Jones

Research Assistant – I graduated from the University of Worcester in 2008 with a BSc in Sports Coaching Science and am currently in the last year of my Masters in Education here at the University of Gloucestershire. My current research projects focus on parental engagement in schools and my dissertation will look at the preparation of trainee teachers for parental engagement. I will also undertake some lecturing on the BA Education, using my research to inform my teaching.

Claire Shadwell University of Gloucestershire

Claire Shadwell

School Technician Demonstrator. I graduated from the University of Sussex in 1997 with a BSc in Biochemistry. I developed an interest and passion for science education and so went on to do a PGCE in Secondary science at the Institute of Education in London. I then went on to career in teaching, working as a secondary science teacher in south London for 3 years. I started working at the University of Gloucestershire in 2002 as a Technician within the School of Education.

Clare Harris University of Gloucestershire

Clare Harris

Working with and for young children has always been a passion, which was fulfilled when I graduated as a Teacher specialising in the Early Years phase. I have worked across a variety of UK schools in the Foundation Stage, KS1 and 2, and as a specialist teacher in the USA. Studying my masters showed me the many facets of Early Childhood Studies and how essential it is to ensure the best outcomes for children and their families.

University of Gloucestershire staff

David Goodger

I teach as a member of the English and professional studies teams, following a varied career which included working as a senior leader in primary schools and for local authority advisory teams.

Adeela Ahmed-Shafi University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Adeela ahmed Shafi

Senior Lecturer – Education. have a background in Psychology and have been in Higher Education within the field of Education for the last 15 years, prior to which I taught in further education for 7 years. I both teach and lead modules on a range of courses, including BA Education, MA Education and PGCAP, particularly psychology and research related modules or those which have an international dimension. I also supervise post-graduate research degrees.

Alex Masardo University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Alex Masardo

Alex is the Academic Subject Leader for Early Years and Education, leading and delivering the academic strategy within the EYE subject community.

Barbara Brown University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Barbara Brown

I am a tutor/teacher in initial teacher education and lead on Physical Education and Inclusive Education, with a particular focus on promoting inclusive practice through understanding children's individual and diverse needs.

Colin Forster University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Colin Forster

I teach as a member of the primary science and professional studies teams, following a successful career as a teacher in various schools and educational settings. I am keen to support student teachers, particularly through an approach known as 'Action Research', and have a passion to help student teachers understand the power of science education to support children's ability to think critically and intelligently about scientific ideas.

University of Gloucestershire staff

Dr. Eve Tandoi

Lecturer – Education (BA). I teach on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the School of Education and my research interests lie in exploring the connections between education policy, philosophy and practice. As an undergraduate, I studied philosophy and literature at the University of Warwick and specialised in continental philosophy and performance studies. Then I moved to the University of Cambridge to complete my PGCE in Primary Education.

Paul Vare University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Paul Vare

Senior Lecturer – Research Development and Postgraduate Research Lead for the School of Education. Currently I teach on the Education for Change and Community Education modules plus a couple of lectures for Education and Society Around the World and I supervise some dissertations. Elsewhere I lead modules on the MA Education, supervise postgraduate research and run the Learning and Research Network (LeARN) that works with staff in various schools to research their own practice.

Tracey Wire University of Gloucestershire

Dr. Tracey Wire

I work in Initial Teacher Education in the primary sector and teach across undergraduate and postgraduate courses, focusing on English, History and PSHE. I also supervise students studying for Masters level qualifications.

Emma Butler University of Gloucestershire

Emma Butler

After studying English and German at the University of Oxford, I started my teaching career as an English teacher with VSO in St Lucia before returning to the UK and becoming Head of English. After a career break, however, I discovered my true passion lay in the early years. I worked in a local preschool setting, qualifying as an outstanding Early Years Teacher, and joined the Early Years lecturing team in 2015.

Emma Howell University of Gloucestershire

Emma Howell

After graduating with a degree in primary initial teacher training, I went on to work in infant and primary schools in Cambridgeshire and Wiltshire. I completed my MA and took on the roles of student mentor, Key Stage leader and maths subject leader. Following 16 years of primary classroom experience I moved into Initial Teacher Training, joining a vibrant maths team here at the University of Gloucestershire.

Jackie McNeil University of Gloucestershire

Jacqueline McNeil

I graduated with a BEd (Hons) degree in primary education and taught in a range of primary schools across three different counties in England, as well as at a British Forces school in Germany, before deciding to move into initial teacher education.

Joanna Rigg University of Gloucestershire

Joanna Rigg

I am fascinated by how we learn. Why is it sometimes easy and at other times difficult? A varied teaching career, most recently as a head, has provided many opportunities to consider this. I enjoy working to explore effective strategies for teaching, so children find learning exciting, realise they are good at it and acquire the skills and motivation to continue to learn throughout their life.

Jo Munyard University of Gloucestershire

Joanne Munyard

My teaching career began after completing a Bachelor of Education in 1999 at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education. After ten happy years teaching within Gloucestershire I returned to the university to complete EYPS which led to a move into FE. I currently work within the School of Education teaching and tutoring within Early Childhood Studies. My interests are leadership, management, CPD, coaching and mentoring and Grounded Theory.

Kate Thomson University of Gloucestershire

Kate Thomson

As a Senior Lecturer at the University, the majority of my teaching responsibility is in History. I am committed to active, resource rich approaches to teaching and learning. I am also interested in curriculum design and planning and have developed models for planning for progression.

Lindsay Evans University of Gloucestershire

Lindsay Evans

I am excited by the way in which technology has transformed learning in recent years. I enthusiastically keep up to date with developments to find new ways to engage children with learning.

Lynda Kay University of Gloucestershire

Lynda Kay

I am an experienced Class Teacher, SENCO and Specialist Advisory Teacher for SEN/D. I am passionate about improving outcomes for children with additional needs and supporting professionals in schools and settings in their work to achieve this.

Michelle Ward University of Gloucestershire

Michelle Ward

I have a passion for Early Years which stemmed from time spent as a nanny in Australia. This passion blossomed as I later worked in schools and Early Years settings, before now working as a lecturer.

Neil Gilbride University of Gloucestershire

Neil Gilbride

I am a multidisciplinary academic with a wide range of professional and research experience. I teach across MA Educational Leadership, Education and Inclusive Education programmes. My research explores how developmental psychology can support leaders and organisations. As Business Development Lead, I work across sectors to maximize the School of Education's impact in Gloucestershire and b

Professor Hazel Bryan University of Gloucestershire

Prof. Hazel Bryan

Head of School - My interest in professional development and learning was generated by my Master’s Degree. This, together with my interest in education policy and values fuels my current professional interests.

Rachel Eperjesi University of Gloucestershire

Rachel Eperjesi

After completing my own Teacher Training here, I had a very successful teaching career within local schools, mostly teaching in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. During this time, I undertook a range of consultancy work for the Local Authority, focusing on English and on Key Stage 1 assessment. I am passionate about my role in training the next generation of teachers, lecturing mainly in English and Professional Studies.

Rebecca Pritchard University of Gloucestershire

Rebecca Pritchard

I am fascinated by the wonderful world of children, what we can learn from them and how we can contribute to enriching their experiences. It has been a privilege to have worked with many children, families and schools as an Educational Psychologist. I see great opportunities for making a difference for children, when it matters most, right from the beginning.

Richard Brice University of Gloucestershire

Richard Brice

I have experience of teaching in both primary and middle schools and have coordinated Design Technology and Information Technology in a large primary school. I enjoy teaching Design Technology as it offers a fantastic way to apply learning in Science and Art and Design. I am excited by new technology and the opportunities it brings to complement traditional teaching approaches. I see the new Computing curriculum as a definite bonus especially as it brings coding back into the limelight.

Richard Millican University of Gloucestershire

Richard Millican

Course Leader - Education Studies (BA). I worked in many different educational contexts before taking this current job at the University of Gloucestershire. I joined the University of Gloucestershire in 2008 to start the BA Education Studies programme and have been pleased to see it grow and develop over the past few years. I have a passion for education in its broadest sense, but am particularly interested in education for social justice and change.

University of Gloucestershire staff

Rita Owen

Academic Course Leader for School Direct Salaried and Senior Lecturer for English and Early Years across Initial Teacher Training programmes

Russ Shalofsky University of Gloucestershire

Russ Shalofsky

Following 10 years working in a variety of schools and another 15 working in Higher Education, I currently work with Initial Teacher Education and Education Studies students on a range of undergraduate modules. As year 2 BEd co-ordinator, I oversee the running of the programme. I also act as Academic Conduct Officer and I am a member of the Academic Board. My research interests relate to developing Scientific literacy and Leadership in HE.

Ruth Hollier University of Gloucestershire

Ruth Hollier

I joined the Primary Education Team in October 2013, having enjoyed a rewarding career as a primary school teacher and Deputy Head. My strength lies in primary maths, but I teach a range of aspects of the courses as well as being a personal tutor and dissertation supervisor. I also support students on placement in schools.

University of Gloucestershire staff

Shaun Stammers

I am passionate about teaching and particularly the transformational effects of post-compulsory education and training. My personal interests include history, literature and politics although my spare time is most often filled with gardening!

Sian Templeton University of Gloucestershire

Sian Templeton

Senior Lecturer – Education (BA). I’m a qualified Educational Psychologist and have worked in a variety of Educational settings including schools and specialist provision. I’m interested in supporting the needs of vulnerable groups. Psychology has been a passion of mine for many years. I was able to pursue this through studying and then working as an Educational Psychologist for over a decade.

Simon Hyde-White University of Gloucestershire

Simon Hyde-White

I joined the Primary Education Team in 2012 after teaching for 20 years in primary classrooms. My varied career encompassed RE, Mathematics and PE subject leadership, in addition to senior leadership. I teach on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, specialising in RE, a subject I believe to be vital in today's pressured and ever-changing world.

Steve Winstone University of Gloucestershire

Stephen Winstone

I have leadership and management responsibilities for the course and lectures on the Professional Studies programme.

Sue Mills

Work Placement Co-ordinator. I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire (The Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education as it was) in 1998 with a first class degree in Women’s Studies and have been working here on and off ever since. I have been in my current role within the School of Education for 3 years and really enjoy being part of the students’ journey into the world of educational placements and volunteering.

Tim Morgan University of Gloucestershire

Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan – Course Leader Education and Learning. I began teaching in Plymouth in 1992 after completing a BEd at The College of St Mark and St John. I have been a class teacher for every age group in the primary phase from Foundation to Year 6. My main areas of curriculum responsibility have been Mathematics and Physical Education.

Tom Brunsdon University of Gloucestershire

Tom Brunsdon

School Technician Demonstrator. I graduated from Bath Spa University in 2005 with a degree in Education Studies & English Literature. A year later I completed my teacher training PGCE Primary at Bath Spa. In November 2016 I joined the School of Education as a Technician. Part of my role is to support teacher training in Computing and Design & Technology. I also work across the School of Education by managing our website and social media accounts.

Tristan Middleton University of Gloucestershire

Tristan Middleton

Senior Lecturer – Education (BA) and Education (MA). I have taught throughout Primary and Early Years in a mainstream primary school in Wiltshire and then a mainstream Primary School in Bristol where I became Assistant Head Teacher. I have an interest in Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs, with a specific focus on, children with Social, Emotional & Behavioural difficulties; inclusive education, nurturing approaches and attachment focused approaches to teaching & learning.