Developing confident mathematicians in the Early years and Being a Teacher

Where: TC001 FCH campus University of Gloucestershire

Cost: FREE

Wednesday 15th May – 1.15 – 2.45pm

Developing confident mathematicians in the Early years

Maths is fun.            

Yes, it is!            


Watch a young child building, sorting, creating patterns. They are being mathematical. In his new book, “Developing Confident Mathematicians in the Early Years”, Tony Cotton, describes his philosophy of engaging in mathematics with young children and shares play-based activities you will want to engage in with the children you teach. The session will explore activities from all areas of mathematics and invite you to play and to enjoy being mathematical.

Being a Teacher

Tony Cotton and Helen Toft present ideas from their book, which shares the stories of educators working in a diverse range of international contexts.

Being a Teacher uses personal narratives to explore effective teaching and learning in global settings. Demonstrating how personal values influence pedagogical practice, and asking how practice can be improved, authors reflect on their experiences not just as teachers, but also as learners, to offer essential guidance for all prospective educational professionals.

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