School of Education Seminar Series – Epistemic Injustice

Where: Francis Close Hall Campus, University of Gloucestershire. Room TC102

Cost: Free

Forms of Epistemic Injustice in Education with Dr Graham Nutbrown


FCH – TC102 Wednesday 30th January 16:00


Dr Graham Nutbrown currently works as a Teaching Fellow in the Education Department at the University of Bath, teaching Philosophy of Education, Language and Learning, and Curriculum Studies. He has previously taught at the UCL Institute of Education, where he completed a PhD on Trusting Teachers Within Reason: Education and the Epistemology of Testimony. For most of his teaching career he has taught English and related subjects in comprehensive schools in Bristol. He is the co-author and editor of several English course-books and anthologies.​



I will discuss some of the ways in which we can apply the concept of epistemic injustice to education by exploring the notion of epistemic contribution and the ways in which this can be systematically frustrated. Epistemic contribution refers to our capability to be both receivers and providers of information or knowledge, a capability that needs to be nurtured and practised. I will speculate on forms of epistemic injustice that might be distinguishable from Miranda Fricker’s testimonial injustice ( where there is a credibility deficit due to systematic identity prejudice such as racism or sexism) and hermeneutical injustice (where there is an intelligibility deficit caused by unequal social arrangements). Can we fit inequalities due to deficient pedagogy and/or curricula into these categories or would they be better understood as forms of epistemic injustice in their own right? Lastly, I will also explore some of the implications of understanding forms of epistemic injustice as relational, rather than as distributive – for example, with regard to student voice and to the justification of punishment.


We look forward to seeing you all there and welcoming you to participate in the research community here at the School of Education. Places are free but please let Chris Jones ( know if you would like to attend.