An Introduction to and Discussion of our Action Projects on Young People in Conflict with the Law

Where: Francis Close Hall Campus - HC201

Cost: Free

AG4C: Developing Social and Emotional Competencies through the use of active games.

The potential of physical education and games as a means to develop social, ethical and moral competencies ​is recognised by several European institutions. The children and young people who end up in the criminal justice system are amongst the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society, even long before they reach detention. In fact, various studies show that a substantial number of young offenders have a very low literacy level and learning disabilities which have implications for educational provision and delivering interventions. ​

ActiveGames4Change project aims to support young offenders (in custody and under community supervision) in acquiring and using key competencies that facilitate inclusion, education and employability.

RENYO: Re-engaging Young Offenders through the use of Authentic Inquiry

The aim of RENYO is to enhance educators’ capability to re-engage young offenders with education and learning whilst in secure custodial settings in 4 partner countries in the EU (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain). This involves training education staff in secure custodial settings to use ‘authentic inquiry’ as an intervention to enrich educators’ repertoires in learning design

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