LeARN: The Learning and Research Network

Why LeARN?

Research in schools by practitioners can empower professionals, raise the quality of teaching, contribute to broader school improvement and ultimately enhance outcomes for learners.

LeARN aims to:

  • Build research capacity in schools
  • Improve access to relevant educational research
  • Share news of research activity and findings among fellow professionals – including through the production of individual school research reports.

Activities include:

  1. Tutored support to school-based research groups
  2. An annual Teacher-led Research Conference
  3. Production of a school or schools research report for colleagues, parents, inspectors and other visitors.

How it works:

Ideally between 10 and 20 teachers either in one school or across neighbouring schools would meet to form an action research group. They would follow a programme of supported research; we suggest at least three two-hour twilight sessions over three months (Phase One) with two or three follow-up meetings depending on the needs/progress of the group.

The LeARN Conference:

This free event is open to anyone in education who is doing (or considering) their own research.

It is a great opportunity to present research in a friendly atmosphere, hear about others’ research, gain inspiration from others and discuss all this over a free lunch.

» Click here to view the presentations from the 2018 LeARN Conference.

Accreditation possibilities:

Research projects can be submitted as Masters level assignments against our CPD modules (15 or 30 credits).  The total cost of this additional element will not exceed that of our current MA modules. Click here for the latest information on these.

Interested? Contact: Dr Paul Vare for more information: pvare@glos.ac.uk