What next?

Future Options

Some examples of post-graduation activity from Education Studies alumni

Name Graduated Since graduating
Sophie 2018 Due to start a career as a prison officer at Long Lartin.
Sam 2018 Schools Direct PGCE, University of Birmingham.
Hannah 2018 PGCE at University of Gloucestershire
Declan 2018 PGCE at University of Gloucestershire.
Natasha 2018 PGCE at University of Gloucestershire.
Sarah 2018 Masters in Social Work at University of Gloucestershire
Emma 2018 Speech & Language Therapy.
Tommy 2018 Aircraft maintenance/IT engineering
Hannah 2018 Supervisor in Events Management
Poppy 2018 Schools Direct PGCE, Bath Spa University.
Carrie 2018 Schools Direct Teacher Training
Bethany 2018 Reggio inspired nursery. Early Years Teacher Training – Post grad route
Natalie 2018 Responsible for Social Emotional and Mental Health interventions across the primary department in special school.
Jan 2018 MSc Psychology of Education, University of Bristol
Brittany 2017 Will be starting the MSc Psychology of Education at University of Bristol in September 2018.
Katherine 2017 Schools Direct PGCE through the University of Gloucestershire 2017.
Katherine 2017 School Direct now about to start my first teaching job in a lovely year 2 class at a primary school near Chippenham
Rebecca 2017 PGCE now an NQT, starting in year 2
Lauren 2017 PGCE now about to start my first teaching post this September which is in a school in Gloucester.
Nicole 2017 PGCE now starting as primary teacher
Tilya 2017 Schools Direct PGCE, University of Birmingham.
Danni 2017 Completed a diploma in canine psychology. In the process of opening my own business – Danni’s Wild Encounters – to educate people of all ages about exotic animals.
Anne 2016 Completed School Direct teacher training in 2017. Teaching at a local Primary School.
Christina 2016 Working at Wrexham Glyndwr University as a Digital Learning Facilitator and studying for a PG Cert in Professional Development in Higher Education.
Anna 2016 Currently on the University of Gloucestershire School’s Direct Salaried Route into Teacher Training.
Emily 2016 Completed my Schools Direct Salaried course. Now in NQT year at The Milestone School.


Kirsty 2016 Working as a trainee dental nurse in Cheltenham and qualifies in 2019.
Charlotte 2016 Completed Primary PGCE course and now a reception teacher in a Gloucester school.
Hannah 2016 Teaching ESL at a Kindergarten in South Korea (Jeju)
Shelly 2016 Plans to take a year out and then train to be a Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher.
Jacob 2016  Primary School Direct PGCE starting September 2016.
Sophie 2016 Primary PGCE starting September 2016.
Anna 2016 Schools Direct PGCE
Charlotte 2016 PGCE now Reception Teacher in Gloucester
Kirsty 2016 Trainee Dental Nurse
Emily 2016 School Direct now teacher in a special school
Hannah 2016 TEFL Teaching in Kindergarten South Korea
Anne 2016 School Direct now NQT in Primary School
Lauren 2016 PGCE now a Year 1 teacher going into my second year of teaching
Jennifer 2016 PGCE now primary teacher
Jessica 2016 PGCE now Primary Teacher in a school in Leicestershire
Abigail 2016 Primary PGCE September 2016.
Me 2016 Working for a recruitment company.
Ashleigh  2016 Plans to study for an MSc in Psychology or Social Care.
Sammie 2016 Admin Assistant. Plans to move into social work in the future
Louise 2016 Starting MSc Psychology September 2016
Shannon 2016 Primary School Direct starting in September 2016.
Lucy 2016 Primary School Direct starting in September 2016.
Chloe 2016 Primary PGCE starting September 2016.
Emily 2016 Salaried Primary School Direct starting September 2016.
Lucie 2016 Primary PGCE. Teaching post starts September 2016.
Rebecca 2015 Working in a nursery with as room coordinator for 2-3 year olds. Plans to do PGCE in the future.
Lewis 2015 Salaried School Direct now YR 5/6 teacher with subject lead in PE
Jess 2015 Teacher in a junior school in Southampton
Lily 2015 PGCE now Head of year 6 in junior school in Surrey
Kristina 2015 PGCE now reception teacher
Francesca 2015 Working at the London Transport Museum! Also youth art sessions at Dulwich Picture Gallery for young people to build confidence/ learn a new art skill.
Charlotte 2015 School Direct now lead of geography Also staff governor.
Lucy 2015 School Direct, now Primary School teacher
Emma 2015 TEFL teacher in Sicily, now Schools Coordinator for Black Families Education Support Group.
Jodie 2015 PGCE now MA Education
Ellie 2015 Now I work at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries as an Examinations Co-ordinator
Dale 2015 TA in a Secondary SEN school.   From Sept 2016 teaching Hospitality, Life Skills and Employability skills in Secondary SEN school.
Seren 2015 Assessment only route to QTS and CELTA course with the University of Gloucestershire. From 2016 will be an English teacher in a private school in Turkey.
Fabiha 2015 Working as a Teaching Assistant
Benjamin 2015 Assessment Only Route to QTS, then primary school teacher
Angelique 2014 Self-employed – set up online handmade gift shop.
Ann 2014 Worked for a year for Nationwide.   Primary PGCE 2015/16.
Charlotte 2014 Primary School Direct, now primary teacher.
Michelle 2014 Working as a Speech and Language Therpist within the Bath and North East Somerset Trust
Nissa 2014 PGCE, then primary school teacher
Michelle 2014 PG Dip in Speech and Language therapy
Robyn 2014 Human Resources assistant in London Docklands
Emma 2014 Secondary teacher training now teaching Geography
Tessa 2014 Camp America, worked as a recruitment consultant and then nanny. Considering PGCE, Speech & Language Therapy
Laura 2014 Teaching Assistant, then PGCE
Zoe 2014 PGCE then primary school teacher
Rebekah 2014 PGCE, then primary school teacher
Rickesh 2013 Two years working as President of the Student Union at UoG
Fay 2013 PGCE, now primary school teacher
Elizabeth 2013 Working as a teacher, planning to do a PG course
Sarah 2013 School Direct, then primary school teacher
Tom 2013 Working in Drama and theatre as an actor, director and teacher
Casey 2012 Working in a Children’s Centre
Hollie  2012 Early Years Teacher Status, now manager of a private day nursery