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Humanities ‘webinar’ with prospective students

Last week, as we finished the semester’s work, the School of Humanities ran a ‘webinar’ for students who have applied to study with us in September.  Using Skype technology, the webinar allowed prospective students to log into a live chatroom with the Course Leader and students of their selected course. Matthew Butcher (English Literature and Language) and Chris Moore (History) joined me in the chatroom to answer questions about the course, their experience of studying, the University’s social life, the Literature Festival, and even whether Kindles can be used for studying (an excllent question, and the answer is….well, take a look).

Please note that you will need the current version of Adobe Flash Player to see the webinar.

If you use Skype, you’ll know that it is a great way to keep in touch with friends. It’s also terrific for making new acquaintances. Wendy, Scarlett, and Rebecca, thanks very much indeed for taking the time to log on. We enjoyed meeting you and hope we answered your questions. Speaking of which, applicants who have further questions or who would simply like to keep in touch, do please join our Facebook group. Click on ‘request’ and Dr Dave Webster will add your name to the group.

My special thanks to Matt and Chris, scholars and stars both.

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