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English Literature students and staff celebrate the end of a great year

Lots of level 6 and 5 students, and some from level 4, joined us for an impromptu party after the final exam in May. We’ll all meet again at graduation, and next year for continuing students, of course; but it was great to unwind a little while celebrating the students’ achievements. If the sun had shone we’d have moved out into the Quad. In fact there was a terrific thunderstorm that afternoon, and it rocked the exam room according to the students taking the EX316 exam.

The party was also a chance for the four students who helped to edit James Shirley’s play The Young Admiral (1633-37) for a Degree Plus internship to get their printed and bound copies. Dr Rebecca Bailey created and supervised the project. You can read her report, and the students’ guest editorials, by scrolling down.

We plan to make this little party an annual event. It’s a small way of thanking students for everything they do for the English Literature course. They can all be proud of what they achieved this year. Class of 2014: we salute you. 
I’ve uploaded a few pictures on our Flickr album. They were all taken during a fairly sedate moment at the beginning of the party, which is just as well. Students, do please send me any photos you may have; I promise to credit you.

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