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Induction Week diary: Tuesday

Today, with most of the administrative and timetabling business out of the way, campus life started to look more mellow. The weather was better, until 11:30 anyway. Students went to their respective Course meetings to hear about tomorrow’s Induction week project.  Once the English Literature and English Literature and Creative Writing students managed to locate HC105, we could launch our project, ‘Literary Cheltenham: Writing the Town’. Their task is to create a small research project on some aspect of Cheltenham’s literary and cultural life, past or present. Since Cheltenham was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, and has been unjustly sneered at by various writers ever since, there’s plenty of material to choose from.

Tomorrow students and tutors will set forth with maps and quiz questions for a Magical Mystery Tour, ending with a quiz (I must think of a prize) and coffee and cakes at the Everyman Theatre. On Friday morning we’ll gather to hear what students have found. Year after year, we’re surprised and impressed by the quality of students’ work, and by their passionate interest in literature and art.

Course Leaders rarely see the sunshine, and by the time I emerged from my office, the activities and bustle on the quad had gone. Still, the campus looked pretty nice.

We look forward to tomorrow’s adventures in Cheltenham, and I promise to take some better pictures.


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