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Induction Week diary: Wednesday


Today was Project day. Creative Writing students took the low-key approach – excellent in its way – with an open-mic reading; English Literature opted for a long walk before lunch. About twenty-five students set out on a Magical Mystery Tour armed with town maps and a set of questions to answer, and luckily, the day was beautiful, sunny and warm. We walked to Pittville Park where Professor John Hughes and I heartlessly abandoned the students, but everyone made it back to town, and at one o’clock we joined Dr Charlotte Beyer and Dr Rebecca Bailey at the celebrated Everyman Theatre for our quiz. Things got a little noisy and I would like to apologise to patrons of Cafe Everyman who had hoped for a peaceful lunch.

Since the Quizmaster couldn’t hear the answers, we gave up on the competition and decided that everyone was a winner. The superb staff at Cafe Everyman made us so welcome; many thanks to them for treating us handsomely.

The cakes looked like this. We ate twenty-five pieces between us. Some of us had seconds.

Students will now produce a small research project on ‘Literary Cheltenham’ to present on Friday morning. It was great fun and we hope that they were inspired by our walk around the town. Students, do please send us your photos.

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