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Black History Month, part one

Every year in October we celebrate Black History Month. The Black History Month website, on, gives the details of all the different initiatives which form part of Black History Month here in Britain.  For more background on Black History Month and how it came into existence, read Professor Neil Wynn’s excellent piece over on the History blog: Black History Month promotes a number of projects and events which raise awareness of – and celebrate – the contributions that black and Caribbean communities have made to British society and culture. Problems such as racism, discrimination and cultural marginalisation which blacks still encounter are also examined. In Cheltenham we also now have a series of events to celebrate Black History Month, ranging from film and music to interesting guest speakers.  Details of the events on this leaflet can be found here: This is the first time that Cheltenham has its own Black History Month events.  It is a timely acknowledgement of the significance of Black History Month:  a call for us to engage with the diversity of 21st Century British culture, and to recognise the past contributions made by blacks and diasporic groups to the history of the country.

© Dr Charlotte Beyer

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