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‘Back to the Future’ Alumni Supper brings current students and graduates together

Dr Debby Thacker organised a special careers event last week that brought current Humanities students and graduates together to talk about careers. Bethany Norris, third-year English Literature student and President of the UoGlos English Literature Society, reports.

Thanks to Debby Thacker (who I’m sure we’re already missing!), a supper was arranged where past students came and talked to current students about their careers and how they got to be there. All the guest speakers had something unique to offer us.

Alex Beresford, an ITV weatherman and who is also currently on Channel Four’s Britain’s Most Extreme Weather, spoke first and told us how he broke into media. What stood out most was that he never gave up, despite that industry being so hard to get into. He believed that he could do it, and although it wasn’t a straightforward path to where he is now, he got there with hard work and determination. He wasn’t afraid to ask for opportunities or jobs. After all, how can a potential employer consider you if you don’t let them know you want to be considered? 

In fact, that was something that everyone said. They couldn’t put enough emphasis on asking potential employers for internships, work experience or positions that you would like. As many of us already know work experience is really important for making applications, building a CV and making sure that’s the career path that you want to go down. Many of the alumni were proof of this; some had graduate level jobs from completing work experience or internships with their current employers. They also said the contacts they made through other placements helped them further their careers as well. 

Further study was also discussed as many humanities students will go on to do a MA, PGCE or even a PhD. Although post-graduate study is mainly self-funded there are loans, grants and bursaries available depending on where you go and what you do.

The main message I got from talking to the alumni is that it’s all right to not know exactly what you’re going to do after education, and that it’s ok to change your mind. You just have to do what makes you happy. 

Dr Debby Thacker with ITV broadcaster Alex Beresford. Dr Beresford holds a BA Hons in English Literature and an honorary doctorate from the University of Gloucestershire. More pictures in our Flickr gallery.

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