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Charlotte von Bülow Gives Inspirational Talk

On 17 November, the English Language course hosted the workshop image1Understanding and Communicating Leadership in Uncertain and Complex Times, which was led by Charlotte von Bülow, the founder and chief executive of the innovative Crossfields Institute. We would like to thank Charlotte for an inspirational workshop which was very well received by students. The following are comments from students who attended: 

  • Extremely interesting as it gave an opportunity to meet someone who not only created a very successful business did it in a really inspiring way because it was clear that her business is people-centred and that she cares. Her example is living proof of a leader who can be transparent, honest, a team member herself thus leading by example and not greed.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, the transparent leadership style Charlotte portrays naturally made the workshop all the more inspiring. Her work is very admirable, and has certainly inspired me!
  • I was inspired by Charlotte’s approach and the examples she gave, which I’d like to apply in my own business as well as in the future when I hope to become a teacher.
  • I see leadership as paramount in lots of different social contexts, and the workshop and Communication for Leadership module have both confirmed this for me. Charlotte allowed me to think about lots of different types of leadership, and the fact that a good listening skills are crucial to becoming a good leader. Overall, great workshop yesterday, and would love to see Charlotte again.
  • The inspirational story behind Charlotte’s success, the interacting modality of the workshop, the extremely relevant content of the discussions were followed by a final study of a real-life case which got us all thinking in a challenging way making the whole experience complete.

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