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Voice workshop from the Everyman Theatre

Camille Cowe, Head of Community Arts at the Everyman Theatre, came to Francis Close Hall to give the first and third years a voice workshop on Tuesday 5th April. We had a great afternoon trying lots of different exercises to build our confidence, in speaking – in preparation for the future, such as interviews and presentations.

We warmed up with breathing and relaxation exercises, and gradually built up to performing in front of the group, individually and in groups. This gave us all a lot more confidence and brought us out of our shells, one student commented:

“I loved it! It took me out of my comfort zone a little bit but taught me that it’s OK and how to overcome the nervousness! I liked that it was fun and silly too! And having the cookies and water was nice as well. Camille was really nice and friendly!”

We’re looking forward to having Camille back again for another fun workshop!


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