‘Edward Thomas and nature: melancholy, ecstasy and “the strange Sweetness”’

Friday 5th Oct, 6pm, TC001, FCH Campus

Don’t miss this public lecture by Anna Stenning in which she will introduce the life of the Edwardian poet and countryside writer Edward Thomas. Anna will discuss Thomas’ experiences of joy in the open air, something that has often been overlooked in the focus on his more melancholy writings and involvement in World War One. Thomas’s preference for simple language, and attention to the lives of neglected people and wildlife, attest to a wider temporal vision, showing that, like his friend Robert Frost, Thomas intended to be a poet ‘for all sorts and kinds’. Anna will explore the relevance of Thomas’s proto-environmentalist vision today. Her talk will be accompanied by readings of a selection of Thomas’ poetry and prose.

Anna is the author/editor of Edward Thomas: a Miscellany, and her PhD thesis focussed on Thomas and Frost. She is currently working on a book on walking and environmental art for Routledge and a monograph on Thomas and Frost for Rowman and Littlefield, both of which will be available in 2019.

Book your free ticket and get further details here: https://bit.ly/2QlvJuX


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