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Category: Induction at UGlos

Welcome back

Induction Week begins on Monday and we look forward to meeting our new students of English Literature. Then on the following week, we greet our current students who are about to enter levels 5 and 6 (level 6!). […]

  books 16 September 2016  

Induction week

Good morning and welcome to the University of Gloucestershire. It’s Induction Week. Rain is something of a tradition on Induction Monday but it’s usually gone by mid-week, or maybe we are just too busy to notice the weather. […]

  Induction at UGlos 21 September 2015  

Induction Week diary: Wednesday

    Today was Project day. Creative Writing students took the low-key approach – excellent in its way – with an open-mic reading; English Literature opted for a long walk before lunch. About twenty-five students set out on a Magical Mystery […]

  Cheltenham 17 September 2014  

Induction Week diary: Tuesday

Today, with most of the administrative and timetabling business out of the way, campus life started to look more mellow. The weather was better, until 11:30 anyway. Students went to their respective Course meetings to hear about tomorrow’s Induction […]

  campus life at UGlos 16 September 2014  

Induction Week diary: Monday

Induction Monday is always frenetic but fun. Our students met us in the Chapel, where the Head of School welcomed everyone. Then it was off to Subject talks, then Personal Tutor meetings. In between meetings, students folded in […]

  English Literature at the University of Gloucestershire 15 September 2014  

University Induction Week begins on Monday

Freshers are already beginning to arrive at the University. On Monday morning we meet our new students, our colleagues in learning. It is an exciting and anxious time all round. Will students feel at home? Will our lectures […]

  English Literature at the University of Gloucestershire 12 September 2014