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Category: textual editing

Guest Editorial: Alex Edwards Reflects on Editing a Seventeenth-Century Playtext

During my third year at University I undertook a Degree Plus Internship, titled Editing a Renaissance Play. Throughout the course of the internship it was necessary to decipher and understand archaic meanings, spellings and punctuation, all of which […]

  Caroline Drama 23 June 2014  

Guest Editorial: Emma Younger Reflects on Editing a Renaissance Play

As a student, a venture into doing and completing a Degree Plus Internship was a very worthwhile one. It was easy to balance with my coursework, even amongst the pressures of third year and was both enjoyable and […]

  Caroline Drama  

Guest Editorial: Dane Abley on his Editing Internship

I really enjoyed the internship. It was great to have something that I wanted to do to distract from that which I had to do. Not that I allowed it to distract to the detriment of my other […]

  early modern  

Guest Editorial: Newfound Applications of Editing a Renaissance Play Internship by Ashley Vallally

      When I decided to apply for the internship offering the opportunity to edit a scene from a renaissance play, I wasn’t even sure if I ever wanted to pursue a career in that field.  Afterwards, […]

  early modern  

Degree Plus Internship: Editing a Renaissance Play

   Dr  Rebecca Bailey reports on a very successful student editing project this year. I am delighted to report on the successful completion of five Degree Plus Internships which have given students the opportunity to gain an […]

  James Shirley