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Hello. It’s been a little while since I actually wrote a post for the blog. I figured it must be my turn. Rather than write something though, I thought I would share the podcasts that we have been recording this academic year. Like a number of our other, more innovative ideas, recording a podcast comes out of our Challenge for Change Project. With the help of our amazing student Producer, John Anderson, Anna and I set up “Talking Inclusion with Anna and Clare”. We thought we’d experiment; see if a podcast would increase the visibility of equality and inclusion across the University, and encourage others to get involved.

If you’ve already listened to them, you’ll know that most weeks we had guests come in for a chat. They provided a great platform for our students, staff and external partners, to share their stories and activities. I’ll post an episode each week across the summer. That way you won’t miss any of them!

I thought I’d start with the episode when Lottie and Alex came in. They talked about the amazing health and well being festival they have organised in Cheltenham from the 9th – 15th September. When we had the chat with them, a number of activities were still in the planning stage. However, everything is now organised and publicity is well underway. Take a listen:

You can find out more information about the health and well being festival

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