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Welcome to this week’s post. For those who regularly follow us, you will know that it’s a day late. My apologies. I was at a conference in London on Wednesday and didn’t get chance to schedule the post.

This week I thought I would share the conversation with SJ and Jenny. SJ has been working as part of the HR team during this academic year. She has been on the Steps into Work Supported Internship that National Star College run in partnership with employers. The University trialled a partnership with National Star College last year. It was so well received that we have started to roll it out across the University.

SJ has also been supported by the Going the Extra Mile project (GEM). This is a project committed to help people move closer towards education, training, volunteering or work, including self-employment.

SJ and Jenny share their experiences from two very different perspectives. Whilst there were challenges, for both parties, the rewards and benefits far out weighed them. Take a listen

Oh, I should also say that Gracie, SJ’s guide dog also came in for the chat!

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