Celebrating Inspirational Women Here at the University of Gloucestershire

Hi Everyone!

As a little introduction, I am Chloe Randall, one of the current Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Interns here at the University, also studying a MRes in Social Sciences 😊.

I thought I would do a little blog post for International Women’s Day as I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in a tweet! I wanted to share with you two (I know… I couldn’t choose one) of my inspirational women/colleagues that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside other the past year or so.

My two inspirational women are Clare Peterson and Jo Parkin two of our wonderful staff members here at UOG.

Clare, who I have had the pleasure of working alongside in this academic year within the EDI team inspires me weekly. I remember coming out of one of my first meetings with Clare talking about career opportunities, feeling so empowered and inspired to become more involved in the important work that is being done around EDI. Her continuous passion, drive and motivation to support inclusion within the University is certainly something to celebrate, especially on a day like today.

Jo, who I have also had great pleasure in working alongside in this academic year is another woman who has inspired me during my time here at UOG. Jo’s passion, empathy and commitment to supporting students on a daily basis is something that I have been in awe of since starting here at the University. Her dedication and infectious positive energy inspire me when I am around her to spread into my own personal and professional life.

These are just two of the many remarkable women here at the University of Gloucestershire who are an inspiration to not only myself, but students across the University. Maybe take some time today to sit and reflect on the inspirational women who work and support us here at UOG.

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