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新 年 快 乐 – Xīn nián kuài lè (Happy New Year)!

Hello! Welcome to this week’s blog, I hope you are all having a prosperous and positive start to the New Year. Whilst the New Year for many of us is well under way, for some it is yet […]

  Uncategorised 30 January 2019  

“Everything begins with an idea”. Earl Nightingale

Hello Happy New Year and welcome to our first blog of 2019. I started last year with a blog about New Year’s resolutions. I thought I would start 2019 sharing some of what we have in the pipeline […]

  Uncategorised 10 January 2019  

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning” – Benjamin Franklin

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog, the last for 2018. I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since we set up the blog. We’ve managed to post at least once a fortnight thanks to the […]

  Uncategorised 12 December 2018  

Our life gets better by change

Hello I hope you’ve enjoyed the personal stories over the last few weeks. They are really powerful, aren’t they? This week I thought I would set out the equality, diversity and inclusion context within which they sit. I […]

  Uncategorised 28 November 2018  

“We Cannot Walk Alone”. Martin Luther King Jr

Hello In this week’s blog, I thought I would build on last week’s theme. We highlighted the origins of Black History Month with a post from Professor Neil Wynn. It’s important to set out the context for events like […]

  Uncategorised 3 October 2018  

Black History Month | History

Hello This week’s blog features a Black History Month blog from 2014. This was a topic I intended to cover, ahead of October, which marks Black History Month in the UK. However, a colleague in History kindly offered this blog […]

  Uncategorised 26 September 2018  

Sometimes we simply need someone to be there

Hello This week I thought I would highlight some of the other activities that we will be delivering this term. From an equality and diversity perspective, our goal is quite simple: Create and embed a more inclusive culture. […]

  Uncategorised 19 September 2018  

Action Changes Things

Hello Well, Pride is over for another year for us. Even the rain and wind couldn’t dampen spirits. There was some really good entertainment, and we made some useful contacts that we will follow up.   So here […]

  Uncategorised 12 September 2018  

A Student’s Life for Me

Hello This week we have guest blogger, Tom. Tom was another intern within our team. His post is a little different. But hey, we’re huge advocates and supporters of difference and diversity! Student life is, for want of a better […]

  Uncategorised 11 July 2018  

“The secret of getting ahead is starting”. Mark Twain

Hi This week I thought I would continue with a theme from last week’s blog, A Call to Action. About this time of year, we hold a workshop with members of the Equality and Diversity Committee, plus wider […]

  Uncategorised 4 July 2018