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“More money, less time” has been influencing working-age travellers.

There are questions about how much hospitality and tourism businesses can adjust to meet the customer needs of contemporary issues. “More money, less time” – the latest trend has been influencing not only the travellers’ behaviours but also…


Data Privacy Issues -Where is our data going?

Is Data Protection good enough in the Hospitality Industry? The hospitality, food and beverage, accommodation, transport, and entertainment industries are all areas and companies that have the need to obtain vital information from their customers. These are all…



If you’re interested in going hybrid, we can tell you how! The covid-19 pandemic shut down the live events industry making virtual events the new normal. When Government restrictions were slowly lifting, but there was still a need…


Are Festivals Dying ?

As mass waste continues to rise across the globe, the festival industry is frequently given the cold shoulder about how much waste is generated at festival sites each year, but this issue is firmly rooted in the festival…


Hillsborough 2.0 – Is History Repeating Itself?

As the popularity of events grow, so does the responsibility to keep those who attend safe. Crowd control remains a prevalent issue within the events industry, heightened by the reoccurring reports of crowd safety negligence. Can event organisers…


Five Minutes to Festival Fame

How smaller festivals can rise from the shadows to the spotlight… Who are you engaging? What are you promoting? Where are you heading? Why are people attending? Five minutes to festival fame with tips and tricks on festival…


A Girls Guide To Dealing With Inequality In The Workplace

The events and hospitality industries are mainly run by women – so why is there still clear gender inequality in 2022? 


How the Russia vs Ukraine conflict will change the FUTURE of the Events and Tourism Industry

At the beginning of 2014, Russia took over the Ukrainian region of Crimea. This was the spark which led to a rivalry, subsequently leading to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia in early 2022. This conflict has…


Is technology the future of hotels?

Hotel technology has advanced tremendously since the 1900s when it was common to have just telephones in hotel rooms. But what are the current trends of technology like now?… How is technology and customer expectations impacting on what…


Is it time to step into the era of Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are the future According to Forbes, there was a 1000% increase in virtual events in the year 2020. It led to the drastic changes seen in the industry and the way of work and interaction with…


Is It Worth My Life?

Time To Extinction- 8 years. We all love to travel. The thrill of stepping off that airplane, to bask in the warm rays of the tropical sun. Is there anything better? Sometimes, we save for years, just to…


Experience The Journey Before THE JOURNEY

‘Putting the virtual sand between the customer’s toes’ Are you still set in your old ways, how would you like to keep up with the times and have that competitive edge over other travel agents?  Well, mixed reality could be your…