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Fiona Curran: Academic Subject Leader for Film , TV & Animation

Tell us about you, and what you teach at the University of Gloucestershire:

I am an experimental/arts film maker and a poet, but in my industry life I am an editor and principally a Sound Designer.  At UoG I teach into Screen Aesthetics (experimental film), Creative Documentary Production and Sound Design for Animation.  I am also the course leader on our MA Film Making course.

What else have you been up to recently?

At the moment I am making a new series of art shorts under the broad title “Walk
It’s very early days in editing the first of them, so at the moment I have no idea how they’ll turn out! The rushes have been watched, now the thinking begins!

What’s your favourite film(s) of all time? Your favourite director(s)?

I can’t name the films – we could be here all day, but directors: Fellini, Lynch, Smith, Sorrentino, Chan-Wook, Erice, amongst others.

Which films should all UoG Film Production students see before they can call themselves filmmakers?


  • San Soleil by Chris Marker
  • Wavelength by Michael Snow
  • Eight and a Half by Fellini

What advice would you give to yourself as a brand new filmmaker?

Stick to your guns!  Map your own experience – the seam will only get deeper.
And as Brian Eno says “If you want to generate a new idea, start with an old one.”

Any favourite on-set experiences?

Trying to get two massive Staffie dogs to “act” (they were very instinctive in their approach!)

Which cake(s) can you be relied upon to contribute to the department?

I’m a huge fan of the Black Forest Gateau, but I’m not above Battenberg.

What’s the best bit of Film Production at UoG?

The course is great full stop.  But really it’s the staff, they are a really great team, multi talented/faceted, with a huge amount of time for and curiosity about, their students. Everyone goes the extra mile. 

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