Short Film: Dearly Departed

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Dearly Departed (2018)

Completed as a graduate project in 2018 this short original haunted house musical has spent a successful 18 month run in the film festival circuit. We are proud to now be able to share this film with the world.

Co-written by Elise Martin (director) and Jess Bartlett (producer) this film tells the story of a young women, Vera in a house full of spirits where she must learn to balance her relationship with both the living and the dead as she discovers what she truly desires in life and love.

The original music and lyrics for the piece were written by Demi Marriner and Robbie Cavanagh, who are both singer/songwriters. This project was also part of Demi’s graduate work in her final year at the University of Gloucestershire.

The film has received several awards including NAHEMI Best Undergraduate Film at Encounters Film Festival (2018) and 4 craft awards from the Royal Televsion Society Student Awards (2018).

Following its festival success into its online release Dearly Departed has received some excellent online reviews. See the journey of the film and more information on Facebook and the links below.



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