Royal Television Society Student Awards 2020

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We received some brilliant news! Once again this year, after multiple students’ successes at the RTS Student Awards in Bristol, one of our graduate films has been nominated for the National Student Awards! “Across six categories, 23 institutions’ students have received nominations, having qualified by winning at their respective regional RTS Student Awards earlier this year.” – RTS

Earlier this year we proudly took our students to Bristol for the RTS South Student Awards. We won in the drama category with the graduate film A Dead Canary, which has subsequently been nominated for a national award. In addition to this we took home Craft Awards in four categories!

A Dead Canary tells the story of ‘a fairy-tale crazed, young boy who has to battle between fantasy and reality when he faces a terrible tragedy in the Welsh coal mines’. We are so pleased for the team and had a little chat with the film’s director James Davis find out how they are all feeling about the exciting news…

“The team is absolutely thrilled that we’ve been nominated! About a year ago we were shooting this project, which involved us all freezing to death on a Welsh mountain. So, it’s great that all our hard work has paid off, as well as our suffering, too! Most importantly, it’s lovely to see a Welsh film being embraced on such an acclaimed platform”.

But its not just the RTS Awards who have been captured by this unique short, over the past year it has already screened across the country in festivals such as Encounters, Aesthetica and Watersprite. With the hope of many more festivals to come it may be a little while before the official online release to the public but we will be sure to let you know – so keep your eyes peeled!

We are so happy for the team and proud of them and all our other students who received regional nominations and awards!

See the full list of winning nominations here:

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