The Firemind Project

The aim of the Firemind project is to develop an innovative online training tool – the FireMind- that will support and enhance the decision making of firefighters and fire incident commanders.  The tool will employ digital training scenarios and incidents to enable assessment of knowledge about a situation (Situation Awareness or SA) and also decision-making “bias” (whether the available information available is used conservatively or more liberally).Bias can produce errors of judgment,  with too conservative a bias leading to “miss” errors and too liberal to “false alarm” errors. Self-awareness and monitoring of SA and bias may improve the safety of decision-making in fire and rescue operations.


The Firemind project won funding under the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training scheme and operates through a collaborative partnership between Fire service personnel and education staff. The project is founded on research begun by the UK partners but this will be more extensively developed and tested within the FireMind project across a wide variety of EU Fire training contexts.

Project partners

The project partners are the Centre for Research in Applied Cognition, Knowledge, Learning and Emotion (CRACKLE) at University of Gloucestershire, UK (coordinating partner) and partner organizations chosen for their extensive expertise and involvement in fireground operations and Fire Service vocational training: Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, UK;  Falck, Denmark;  IFV Brandweeracademie, Netherlands; Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpozarowej im. Jozefa tuliszkowskiego – panstwowy instytut badawczy (CNBOP-PIB), Poland and PLOT (Provincie Limburg Opleiding en Training), Belgium.

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Firemind tool

The Firemind tool will be available for ready use in the partner countries by the end of the project and will also be highly adaptable to a range of EU firefighting contexts. It will be accessible via an online portal and will form a platform for future adaptation for other EU Fire services and operational contexts.