Hidden Narratives was chosen as the theme for the inaugural mini conference organised by postgraduate research students at the University of Gloucestershire in 2017.  The idea proved so popular that we have now run three conferences exploring How Hidden Narratives Challenge Authority.  Our 2019 conference considered the theme of Public Spaces, Private Lives.

We welcome staff and student contributors from a broad range of subjects, with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary research and collaboration.  As well as providing information about the conference, our aim with this website is to share ideas, publicise the work of our contributors and develop a community of researchers with shared interests at all levels of experience.

The first three conferences were organised by Duncan Dicks, Larry Cotterell and Melanie Clemmey in association with the Being Human Research Centre. The conferences are part of an initiative to improve the research environment, explore the human condition, and build interdisciplinary links.  We aim to achieve a mix of student presenters gaining experience in a supportive environment, and seasoned researchers from whose presentation skills we can learn.

The conference is sponsored by the Being Human Research Priority Area at the University of Gloucestershire, and with their support we are able to offer free attendance, refreshments and lunch at our events.  We welcome participants from other universities, so please contact us if you are interested in presenting your research at one of our events.