People and Projects

The first three Hidden Narratives conferences were organised by Larry Cotterell, Duncan Dicks and Melanie Clemmey, during their PhD research at the University of Gloucestershire.

Larry Cotterell

Laurence Cotterell is currently studying for a PhD in Drama and Politics at the University of Gloucestershire with a particular interest in the political approaches of contemporary drama. He also writes reviews and short stories for various journals. You can find examples of his work at:
HARTS & Minds: The Journal of Humanities and Arts – ‘The Ministry’
The Cardiff Review – ‘Exploding thresholds in contemporary poetry: “The Eligible Age” by Berta Garcia Faet’

Duncan Dicks

Duncan Dicks is a writer, currently completing a PhD that explores the use of crime fiction as a vehicle for social commentary in a world where technology has eroded traditional boundaries. He is a regular presenter at the International Crime Fiction Association’s annual Captivating Criminality conference. He is also working on projects that include the ethics of writing and narrative, and the integration of science and technology in writing. His background includes work in mathematics, engineering, finance, and the environment. Duncan also lectures in creative writing at the University of Gloucestershire, and you can find his profile here.

Melanie Clemmey

Melanie Clemmey is currently taking a break from her PhD research to concentrate on consultancy work, but will continue to support the Hidden Narratives conference team in future. A qualified landscape architect, her research area is the application of collective memory in the design of everyday public spaces. A condensed version of her award winning MA dissertation – ‘A journey into the invisible landscape of memory and experience’ – was published in the 2015 edition of Landscape Issues. Melanie has a background in finance and strategy, garden design and landscape architecture.