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Remembrance Day and the University of Gloucestershire Archives – Vicky Morrisroe

With Armistice Day approaching, I thought it was worth drawing attention to a  recent update to the University of Gloucestershire’s Archive and Special Collections Website. The ‘Archive Item of the Month‘ discusses a collection of documents deposited by Miss Mayer, the niece of Gertrude Mayer, who was a student at St Mary’s College from 1906-8. Within this collection there are materials relating to Gertrude’s three brothers, two of whom saw active service during World One. Containing diaries, letters and other materials, the deposit will no doubt be of great interest to students and scholars interested in experiences of the Great War.

The Archives are to be found at FCH in QU024 and enquiries can be directed to or 01242 714851.

Please do follow this link to the post, which describes the collection above in detail:

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