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Professor Wynn’s Change of Status – and Lecture in Bedford

IMG_0926Many congratulations to our colleague Neil Wynn, who after twelve years of service has been made Emeritus Professor by the University, we are more than thrilled to know that his expertise will remain in the University.

On February 27th Prof. Wynn spoke at the Bedford Girl’s and Historical Association Conference on “Germany and the United States in the 20th Century” in Bedford. Neil’s subject was “McCarthyism” and he gave an overview of the life, career and impact of Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy’s career continues to fascinate and is still the subject of historical debate. Neil provocatively offered some comparisons with the present day suggesting parallels between the politician who adopted the role of spokesman for the “outsider” from the ruling, political elites in a time of anxiety and insecurity with individuals in the USA – and Britain! – today.

Other speakers at this well-attended conference were: Prof. John Breuilly (LSE) on “Nationalism pre-1914 in Germany”, Dr. Vivien Miller (Nottingham), “The Lindbergh kidnapping 1932 and the war on crime, 1933-38”, and Prof. Clive Emsley (Open University), “Hot War to Cold War: Germany and the Allies, 1945-55”.

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