Alumni Stories: Stefan Cramer

In this new series of posts, we’ll be looking at what our former students do after they graduate in History at the University of Gloucestershire. It will demonstrate the various types of employment history graduates can go into,┬áproviding some useful guides for existing students, but also highlight the fascinating journeys of our graduates. The first story comes from Stefan Cramer (Class of 2015).

After graduating from the University of Gloucestershire, I started an internship at the Al-Khair Foundation, an international charity. I am now the Humanitarian Programme Officer that specialises in organising responses to natural and man-made disasters all over the world. This means I am deployed to the field when necessary, and have travelled to Nepal, Iraq, Togo and Greece in response to the European Refugee Crisis.

Studying History at the University of Gloucestershire has enabled me to quickly understand the context to difficult situations, as well as the ongoing impact of historical events around the world.

What’s more, using a wide variety of sources is vital when setting up projects and providing the evidence for specific decisions and interventions.

One of the most beneficial aspects is that the course allows you to be flexible in terms of entering a variety of sectors and industries.

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