Alumni Stories: Olivia Barnwell

In this new series of posts, we’ll be looking at what our former students do after they graduate in History at the University of Gloucestershire. It will demonstrate the various types of employment history graduates can go into, providing some useful guides for existing students, but also highlight the fascinating journeys of our graduates. The next story comes from Olivia Barnwell (Class of 2015).


I currently work for the National Trust as the House Steward at Croome Court, but I have recently taken a new position which I will be starting shortly, meaning I will be the Conservation and Engagement manager at Packwood House in Warwickshire. At the start of my degree I was unsure what to do for a career. Whilst at the University of Gloucestershire, I met a great group of people and learnt the skills which allowed for me to go on and do a Masters at the University of Birmingham. One of the largest differences between the two universities was the support, Gloucestershire supported me throughout, my tutor was always supportive and I felt I could have gone to them about anything.

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I am so pleased for Olivia, who undertook a Your Future Plan internship in the University’s Special Collections and Archives. Best of luck in your new job!

Melanie Ilic says:

Well done, Olivia. If only I’d known! I was at Croome Court earlier this year to see our Drama students perform their play about the suffrage movement. Maybe catch up with you at Packwood House.

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